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  2. "Do you have the punk spirit? Can you speak well on camera and in the press? We want to hear from you!"
    — An actual line in a job posting from CBGB. Punk’s not dead, but it’s pretty fucking lame these days.
  4. Prefab houses being “built” by the Barclays Center. They’re assembled offsite and then craned in. Outsourcing construction, in a way. Kind of disgusting.

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    Fun fact: All Eyez on Me has the word “FUCK” in the first three seconds of the album.

  6. From one of my favorite albums of the year. Reminds me a lot of the ’90s stuff that would be picked up by majors and then slowly faded away; the only difference here is that I think we’ll be hearing a lot more from EMA in the (near) future.


  7. Noah

    I was going to write a review, but then I realized how lovely it was to watch a movie with a sub-plot involving child murder in a Park Slope theater.

    Also, 6-arm rock-angels.

    Nobody should see this movie.

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  10. I was cleaning out my room and found this cd in an old box. I forgot White Zombie was a thing.